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Dream of the times

Awoke just now from a long and complex dream. One scene seemed particularly relevant.

I was in what I refer to as my "dream city". There is a large transportation hub in the center of the downtown area similar to Penn station in New York. I was going to take a train to one of the outlying areas. While I was walking toward the turnstiles, I started hearing some shouting. I'm thinking it's just another subway preacher, and as I get closer and am able to understand more of what he's shouting, I'm sure of it.

When I get to the turnstile area, I see it's got a bunch these large lit display marquees, all of which have the same posters in them. As I pause to read them I realize that they're all about President Obama's energy plan. Something about when he does whatever it is he's going to do to the grid will cause a shift in magnetic field which will cause avalanches at ski resorts, horrific highway pile-ups, and all manner of mayhem. As I'm reading I realize too that the crazy guy ranting is saying exactly what the posters are saying and that they are all based on his rantings alone. But a news outlet has set up the posters and is asking passersby what they think about the issue.

I think that scene nicely sums up a lot of what passes for news nowadays.


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