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New look, new focus.

Spending way too much time not really writing but posting the tweet-like statuses (statii?) FB uses, so I've decided to use this journal to muse aloud on my latest creative projects.

Currently, I'm working on music/soundscape work for a new version of The Bacchae-- the ancient Greek play by Euripides.  The director/adapter is Ted Guhl-- one of the founders of the Hole in the Wall Theater and simply one of the most interesting cats I've ever met.  His resumé includes things like working on films in places like Syria and stuff.

This project comes on after I worked with Ted on a play he directed by Jenny Lecce (Heaven).  I wrote a "soundscape" for that and I guess he liked it.  This is going to be something else though.  He wants music throughout and wants it very reminiscent of ancient music and also have the air of a relious/spiritual ritual.

I can do this...

I'm going to try and compose the whole piece through, as if it were an opera or an oratorio.  I've never put together a piece of that scale before; but I think even if I fall short of my ultimate goal I'll have enough music for Ted to use,  Also, he has two or three other writers working on the music so he can pick and choose if he wants.

In researching this project I ran across a wonderful site about a conference on ancient Greek music hosted by the Austrian Academy of Science.  I was so impressed, I bought the book and accompanying CD.  I hate these exchange rates!


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Oct. 15th, 2009 12:25 am (UTC)
Cool! Good luck with it.
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