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February 2nd, 2010

New major

I started college in earnest this year. I am currently a continuing ed student but have been accepted to UMass, Lowell for the fall as an "official" part-time student.

I had intended to go for Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics so as to move on to a Master's in Data Mining. The field fascinates me and is the logical extension of what I'm doing and enjoying now in my job. However I have no math in my transfer credits to speak of. I have pre-calculus, which I took ten years ago and did well in, but that's it.

Further, I am burdened by my previous college record to a certain degree. I spent one year as a music major at Shenandoah College (now Shenandoah University), and later spent what amounted to a year as an electronics student in the Air Force (for which I was awarded college credit). Being a math major would have relegated most of my previous classes to "free elective" status, and eliminated most of them from consideration. Somewhat discouraged, I started looking for curricula that could possibly incorporate as much of my existing credits as possible.

For those who don't know, UMass Lowell is a pretty strong engineering college that is very active in things like biomedical engineering and nanotechnology (so when the gray goo takes over the world, it will likely as not start from Lowell). I started looking at the engineering curricula when I found something that looked promising: A music degree in sound recording technology. I never thought UMass would have this (being, as it is, within spitting distance of Berklee), but there it was. After speaking to a few people, I decided to switch majors.

So now, pending a vocal audition, I will be a music major again after almost 30 years. I can't make the words on the screen express how tail-waggingly happy this makes me (no matter how many exclamation points I use-- which I won't). And the best part is that I need the math I'm taking anyway since calculus is required.


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